Spa and Wellness

Custom Scent Design

Isn't it fascinating how certain smells can evoke such vivid memories?  These 'olfactory logos' are widely used throughout the hotel industry to instill and promote brand loyalty.

Bringing a custom scent with essential oils into your home, boat, or business creates a deeper emotional connection and memory of your unique space.  Whenever the scent is encountered, your clients, customers, or guests remember you on a deeper, scentual level.   The use of 100% essential oil ensures your space is filled with safe, natural substances and not chemically derived synthetic odorants commonly found in store-bought "room fresheners".

Pricing starts at $150 and includes a 1.5-hour olfactory journey, 2 sample scents, and a 100% essential oil 14.8 ml vial of your custom scent.  


Aromatherapy Consultation

Each of us is an individual with unique health needs and olfactory preferences. Pre-formulated blends are created to appeal and sell to the masses; they do not account for any contraindications, allergies, or partialities.  Application methods also meet very different needs and, in some cases, should not be used interchangeably.

Through aromatherapy consultation, custom blends can be made for use in a diffuser or topical application that accounts for contraindications with specific medical conditions and medications along with scent and application preferences.  

Why not give your mind and body something you trust is safe and natural to help them heal?


Consultation rates start at $75 an hour. Does not include the price of the essential oils, carrier oil, and final product packaging.   

Osme Loutro(TM) - Steam Bathing

For thousands of years, steam bathing has been part of a holistic health ritual. Adding essential oil to steam bathing is a common practice to enhance the health benefits. In most cases when you go into a steam sauna you only get eucalyptus oil. Why stop there?

I have formulated 4 blends that are safe to use in a sauna or steam bath, and provide you several wellness benefits.


Scent and Sip Party

Host a scent and sip party. Spend an afternoon sipping champagne, nibbling on cheese, and building your own, custom scent.

This is a fun event for a wellness retreat, bridal shower, birthday party, or girls' weekend. You and your guests will leave with a 5 ml blend of their own design! They will also leave with more knowledge of essential oils and blending.

Pricing starts at $250 and includes a 2-hour olfactory journey, custom scent of your own design, 5 ml amber bottle, and custom labels with your scent name.