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Creating 100% Custom Organic Products & Scents

Creating 100% Custom Organic Products & Scents

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Muscle Serum
Muscle Serum Packaged
Bath salts with rose petals
Blue Ridge Retreat Body Butter
Blue Ridge Retreat Custom Scent
Hand Blended
Essential Oils for scent journey
Packaging and Delivery of Custom Scent
Custom Blend in Soaps
Coffee Shower Scrub
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Osme Loutro(TM) - Steam Bathing

For thousands of years, steam bathing has been part of a holistic health ritual. Adding essential oil to steam bathing is a common practice to enhance the health benefits. In most cases when you go into a steam sauna you only get eucalyptus oil. Why stop there?

I have formulated 4 blends that are safe to use in a sauna or steam bath, and provide you several wellness benefits.

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